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Selection of dynamic dispensing valve glue ratio is good in

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In addition to stainless steel pressure barrel and carbon steel pressure barrel, the mixing dynamic dispensing valve can also be achieved. The dynamic dispensing valve is one of the double-liquid dispensing valves. The dispensing ratio can be controlled from 1:1 to 1:10 when loaded on the dispensing machine. The dynamic valve supporting manual operation is called manual double-liquid dispensing valve, and it can also be used in the automatic dispensing machine with uniform dispensing ratio. It is well known for its uniformity and good application effect.
Two-component dynamic stirring dispensing valve
Brief description of properties and principles of rubber valves
The dynamic dispensing valve is used to mix glue in the interior. It is mainly used in the production line with high demand for colloid strength. The exterior is composed of two cylinders and two feeding holes. The pneumatic driving has high dynamic mixing efficiency. After mixing A and B glue in the cylinder with dynamic mixing, the AB glue is uniform and complete, and there are no bubbles and other substances. The mixing pipe is installed to align the surface which needs to be coated. High accuracy, high efficiency, can be used to finish the large area of lamp tube gluing, connected to the controller and glue compose a manual double-liquid dispensing machine, known as manual double-liquid dispensing valve is thus formed.
Two-component dynamic dispensing valve with electric stirring
How effective is the practical application?
The whole dynamic dispensing valve is easy to operate manually, the operator can hold the dynamic manual double-liquid dispensing valve to align the position where dispensing is needed, the connected pedal switch can set out the glue, which has the characteristics of convenient application and wide range. The control panel mounted on the automatic dispensing machine can set the path parameters, and the automatic equipment has strong anti-shaking stability. The manual double-liquid dispensing valve can also be mounted on the automatic dispensing machine. Dynamic mixing dispensing on automatic dispensing machine is controlled by dynamic dispensing valve. The route of double liquid dispensing is uniform and efficient, and the rate of defective products is well controlled.
Dynamic two-component dispensing valve
There are many kinds of dynamic dispensing valves, which have high-end and strong applicability. Users should select suitable dynamic dispensing valves according to the actual situation.
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