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The working principle of the precision dispensing valve

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When we use the precise dispensing machine, we must pay attention to whether the dispensing valve is suitable for the glue when it is dispensing, because we need to know the working principle of the precise dispensing valve, so that we can better operate the precise dispensing machine.
Precision silica gel valve
At present, there are various kinds of glue dispensers on the market, so the use of the glue valve is also a lot. Among them, the two component fluid dispensing valve and the precise dispensing valve are all dispensing valves which are used widely in dispensing equipment, because the installation of the two dispensing valves is relatively simple, and it is very efficient and convenient to use, so it is also very widely used. Of course, there are also a lot of improved accessories for precision dispensing valves. Let's give an example, for example, what is the principle of the precision dispensing valve used in a double component precision dispenser.
Precision automatic dispensing valve
The precise dispensing valve used in the two component precise dispensing machine is driven by electric power, and a dispensing accessory is made by mixing glue for precise dispensing. So its structure only needs two parts of the stator and rotor. This kind of glue valve only needs to use the rotor to round the stator, so it can realize the function of directional rotation, so that the glue can be done accurately.
Not only that, two-component precision dispensing machine using precision dispensing valve, sometimes use the high-speed jet function, make the dispensing machine when precision dispensing can achieve non-contact dispensing, dispensing and dispensing equipment to speed dispensing accuracy have gained great improvement. This kind of glue valve is easy to replace the parts because of its simple structure. Of course, the high-pressure two component precision dispensing valve has a function of other dispensing valves, which has the function of vacuum suction, that is, the reverse rotation of the rotor around the stator.
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