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Precise screw dispensing valve for anaerobic dispensing

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The diaphragm dispensing valve or precision screw dispensing valve are used for dispensing anaerobic glue. The type of diaphragm dispensing valve has been mentioned before. Now, the precision screw dispensing valve has been modified to replace the screw with Teflon screw. The accessories are modified according to the glue requirements, which does not affect dispensing Efficiency, making it more in line with production needs.
  The precise screw dispensing valve adopts the AC drive mode to solve the problem that the glue cannot be dispensing due to viscosity. The screw mode is also used to drive the glue with better effect. Some people who do not understand the screw effect will definitely ask why the glue does not solidify inside the screw dispensing valve? In a long enough time, it will still solidify. The precise screw dispensing valve uses the screw made of Teflon plastic. This plastic will not react with the glue, so it is very convenient to clean.
  There are three ways to apply thread glue: diaphragm dispensing valve, precision screw dispensing valve and dispensing needle cylinder. The effect is different. Diaphragm dispensing valve can be used together with pressure barrel to store a large amount of glue. It is better to apply it in some industries that require glue quantity, while precision screw dispensing valve can be used in precision industries with high dispensing accuracy, fast dispensing speed and various production The gluing of product precision is more in line with the existing high-precision requirements. The dispensing syringe is relatively simple and rough, and the glue is poured in for dispensing directly.
  Precision screw dispensing valve mainly lies in the precision, efficiency and precision of screw, voltage control, and the unit is operated according to mm (mg). In order to solve the effect of applying screw glue, this dispensing valve has nothing to say. Note that it is still produced by us, with higher price abroad and the same effect.
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