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2121 micrometer precision dispensing valve

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2121 dispensing valve actually includes two types of valves, one with micrometer and the other with nut. The difference between the two is that the accuracy adjustment device with micrometer is more accurate. Other materials and processes are the same. In terms of price, the price of 2121 micrometer dispensing valve is more expensive and the accuracy is higher. You can select the appropriate dispensing accessories according to the manufacturer's demand for dispensing.
Micrometer dispensing valve

  Characteristics of 2121 micrometer dispensing valve

  1. The dispensing accuracy is high and has the effect of micro dispensing. The dispensing accuracy can also be adjusted according to the dispensing requirements.
  2. It has the effect of back absorption, no drawing and leakage of glue, and the glue has the effect of back extraction. The glue at the glue outlet can be extracted back.
  3. The rubber break is clean, the plunger axis is used, the sealing effect is good, similar to the dispensing of aqueous solution, still no leakage.
  4. Long service life, made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy materials, aluminum alloy is anodized, with anti-corrosion effect.
  5. Small size, easy to install, low requirement for machine use, can be used manually and automatically.

  Parameters of thimble dispensing valve 

  Dispensing valve model: zz-2121 dispensing valve type: high precision type (thimble type)
  Main material: stainless steel + aluminum alloy (anodized) dispensing rate: < 600 / min
  Suitable viscosity: 1 ~ 8000cps dispensing accuracy: 0.1mm
  Repeated dispensing accuracy: ± 0.02mm precision adjustment device: micrometer knob adjustment
  Feed size: 1 / 8 "NPT (f) glue size: 2.5mm
  Usage: manual and automatic weight: 125
  Applicable glue: alcohol, ink, butter, crystal glue, paint, UV glue, etc
  The selection of dispensing valve is directly related to glue and industry. The viscosity, characteristics and dispensing width and flow requirements of glue are directly related to the selection of dispensing valve. The dispensing flow and viscosity are related to the type selection of dispensing valve. The characteristics and dispensing width of glue are related to the type selection. The selection of micrometer dispensing valve is related to the above requirements. Moreover, there are many types of dispensing valve, such as If you do not know the need to choose the right type of machine, you can directly consult our manufacturers Oh!
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