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Dispensing valve controller

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The dispensing valve controller is combined with the dispensing valve, which can control dispensing parameters, such as air pressure input value, suction proportion value, glue delivery speed, voltage transmission, etc., which is a very important accessory. Especially in screw valve, it requires higher requirements for dispensing valve controller. Ordinary dispensing valve controls the air pressure value to ensure the stability of pressure value.

  Features of dispensing valve controller

  1. Determine the air pressure, can be adjusted according to the glue viscosity and dispensing requirements.
  2. With considerable stability, air pressure output can be controlled in a constant position to avoid uneven glue.
  3. The controller has suction function, which can avoid glue drawing and glue leakage.
  4. Function diversification, there are various modes of adjustment, according to the dispensing mode to adjust the effect of glue.
  There are many types of dispensing valve controllers. In common dispensing valves, for example, 3131 point glue valves, spray valves, 2121 point rubber valves, etc., the controller is relatively crude. Only the device for suction and control of air pressure can not be adjusted. The price can be adjusted only by 350 yuan. Similar to the injection valve and screw dispensing valve, the general use is high precision dispensing valve controller, which can be adjusted back. Suction ratio, suction value, current, glue output and temperature, hot melt screw valve controller price is about 3500 yuan (imported from Germany).
  The dispenser valve controller used in hot melt screw valve is the same as other high-end dispensing valves, and there will be some differences in functionality. Therefore, the controllers purchased by our company are basically foreign ones. In China, the control effect is poor, there is no core technology, and the dispensing parameter adjustment effect is relatively poor and unstable. The dispensing valve is produced by ourselves, and the price is relatively expensive, which needs about 28000 yuan/ Two component screw valve is more expensive.
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