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The gas moving point glue valve manufacturer can find it

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Dispensing machines are equipped with many dispensing accessories. If the dispensing valve is classified according to the driving way, it can be divided into pneumatic, electric, mechanical drive and so on. At present the dispensing valve is usually mechanically driven, overseas production mechanical screw type dispensing valve manufacturers are: bingshen, dimensional world science, too River, in domestic are few parts of the dispensing area, only Shanghai Thailand, Shanghai Bao Kun collar and other accessories manufacturers have the glue dispensing valve production experience.
Now China's glue machine industry, the production of glue valve most or gas moving point glue valve. So where can we find this kind of large flow gas moving point rubber valve manufacturer?
Since dispensing machine was born in Europe and America, it was then introduced into Japan and other regions. The development time in China is relatively late, so the manufacturing technology of dispensers abroad is also advanced. With the rapid development of the glue dispenser, it has also directly led to the development of the glue accessories, of course, it also includes the glue valve. The gas moving point glue valve we are using now can be customized by the manufacturer according to your needs.
If you need to import large flow gas moving point glue valve from abroad. Then import pneumatic dispensing valve the more famous are: EFD, Musashi etc. These are specializing in the production of pneumatic dispensing valve manufacturers. Of course, if you choose to buy a large flow of pneumatic rubber valve domestic words; I suggest to the Pearl River Delta in Guangdong to buy, because now the dispensing machine manufacturer's main distribution in southern coastal areas, regions, so the parts manufacturing dispensing machine is mainly concentrated in the southern region. Shenzhen middle system is a well-known production and development enterprise, which is a professional R & D dispenser and the manufacture of dot glue valves.
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