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  • Which rubber valves belong to the single action control rubb

    field.writer/ :2018-11-08 Clicks:266

    Single-action control valve is a commonly used name, because there are two kinds of designations on the market at present, namely, compound control valve and single-action control valve, so single-action control valve includes many types, manual dispensin...

  • Glue dispensing valve for large flow glue filling technology

    field.writer/ :2018-10-27 Clicks:222

    Filling valve is the most commonly used glue valve in the glue filling industry, which is the general name of all the glue valves used in the glue filling industry. In fact, the glue filling valve can be divided into many types, such as AB dispensing valv...

  • It is very important to select pressure regulating valves fo

    field.writer/ :2018-10-27 Clicks:215

    Many people think that there is only one kind of pressure regulating valve, in fact, it is not, pressure regulating valve can also be divided into several types, such as compact, flow type, piston type and high pressure valve, these are common types of pr...

  • The center of the valve determines the quality of the rubber

    field.writer/ :2018-10-25 Clicks:220

    Valve shaft is the core of dispensing valve to prevent glue leakage and promote glue dispensing. Valve shaft is the internal bearing of dispensing valve. High quality shaft will directly affect the quality of dispensing valve. Generally, abnormal glue or ...

  • Stainless steel dispensing valve made by numerical control t

    field.writer/ :2018-10-20 Clicks:248

    Stainless steel dispensing valve is made of stainless steel made of rubber valves. There are a variety of categories, such as precision dispensing valves, spray valves, injection valves, etc. However, the price of stainless steel dispensing valves is bett...

  • Special thread gluing dispensing valve for thread adhesive

    field.writer/ :2018-10-19 Clicks:269

    Threaded dispensing valve and silica gel dispensing valve have similar characteristics, are a special type of valve, can only use one glue dispensing, other types of glue can not use this type of valve to complete dispensing effect, this is the screw glue...

  • Anaerobic dispensing valve suitable for anaerobic glue use

    field.writer/ :2018-10-08 Clicks:264

    Anaerobic glue is one of the special adhesives, it is difficult to produce curing phenomenon in the case of contact with air, only in a vacuum environment can quickly curing, and the anaerobic dispensing valve is mainly for anaerobic glue to complete disp...

  • Single action control rubber valve with pressure control glu

    field.writer/ :2018-10-08 Clicks:180

    Single-acting glue control valve uses pneumatic control glue quantity, in industrial production links is a more common fluid dispensing valve. As a result of the use of pneumatic glue control, then the cylinder sealing effect is a very important point for...

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