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  • High precision liquid dispensing valve without dropping glue

    field.writer/ :2018-09-29 Clicks:281

    The emergence of fluid dispensing valve has solved many problems in dispensing industry, which is a major breakthrough in the glue dispensing industry. Fluid dispensing valve can point, drop and coat many kinds of adhesive fluids. It is widely used in dis...

  • Manual dispensing gun used for manual hot melt glue dispensi

    field.writer/ :2018-09-28 Clicks:205

    The manual dispensing gun is suitable for manual operation and not suitable for assembly in intelligent dispensing equipment. In the industrial dispensing production link, manual dispensing gun is also a commonly used dispensing valve, in the process of m...

  • Application of quantitative valve greatly strengthens packag

    field.writer/ :2018-09-26 Clicks:193

    These are the working advantages of the quantitative valve, such as precise control of glue output, high dispensing efficiency, wide application range, and good glue back-suction effect. The control accuracy of this kind of dispensing valve is very high. ...

  • Shop owner recommends: small flow dispensing valve with high

    field.writer/ :2018-09-20 Clicks:232

    The small flow glue valve is suitable for the application of products with small glue output requirements. The glue outlet of this valve is relatively small. The glue outlet is relatively small for the production of glue products. The minimum glue output ...

  • Hand held dispensing valve suitable for low concentration gl

    field.writer/ :2018-09-14 Clicks:130

    In the process of using hand-held dispensing valve to bond fixed products, it needs manual operation of employees to complete dispensing production. Because it needs manual operation of employees to complete dispensing production, hand-held dispensing val...

  • What are the common dispensing valves in the packaging indus

    field.writer/ :2018-09-08 Clicks:201

    The dispensing valve has a very wide range of applications in dispensing and packaging industry. In dispensing and packaging industry, many products need to use dispensing machine, dispensing valve and so on. What are the commonly used dispensing valves i...

  • The diaphragm dispensing valve can realize 1 million times o

    field.writer/ :2018-08-22 Clicks:175

    Diaphragm dispensing valve is also known as anaerobic dispensing valve, only use one kind of glue valve, that is anaerobic glue, this is a relatively special glue, air will not occur solidification, as long as the air or oxygen is cut off, will quickly so...

  • AB automatic dispensing valve

    field.writer/ :2018-01-29 Clicks:183

    With the further development of industrial production technology, AB is more widely used, AB two kinds of fluid in a certain proportion mixed, have higher bonding strength and bonding effect than ordinary glue, so it plays an important role...

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