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  • Do dual component fluid dispensing valves need to be cleaned

    field.writer/ :2017-12-11 Clicks:191

    When we finished our homework in the dispensing, dont forget to dispensing the internal and external cleaning work, so in AB precision dispensing in two-component fluid dispensing valve cleaning is necessary? Double component fluid dispensi...

  • What is a double liquid automatic dispensing valve

    field.writer/ :2017-12-11 Clicks:269

    There are many kinds of dispensing valves. If we want to use the two liquid dispenser for precise dispensing, we must use the dispensing valve that can precisely control the AB glue to finish the precise dispensing. This dispensing valve is...

  • Return suction valve price

    field.writer/ :2017-12-11 Clicks:170

    There are many dispensing valves with vacuum suction function in dispensing machine. How much is the difference between these suction valve and the dispensing valve? How many kinds of material are there? Double liquid return suction valve B...

  • Common problems of silica gel valve

    field.writer/ :2017-12-11 Clicks:208

    Although silica gel has excellent properties, there will be some problems in certain circumstances. So we are using silica gel. In order to pursue better bonding effect, we must cooperate with the binder to do the dispensing, so this is app...

  • Application of high speed spray valve

    field.writer/ :2017-12-11 Clicks:215

    When we use the dispensing machine with high speed jet dispensing valve for precise dispensing, do you know what kind of dispensing valve can be used in dispensing equipment? High speed injection valve The high speed spray type dispensing v...

  • AB manual dispensing valve

    field.writer/ :2017-12-08 Clicks:135

    If we want to buy the AB dispenser that meets the needs of our own production, we must carefully choose the dispensing valve that you need. The dispensing valve I choose is not only able to control glue dispensing time in the traditional di...

  • Large flow gas point rubber valve

    field.writer/ :2017-11-24 Clicks:211

    When dispensing manufacturers need a large amount of glue dispensing, so you must use a large flow of dispensing valve for dispensing. This large flow dispensing valve is generally loaded on jet dispensing machine, so the structure of this...

  • High pressure two-component fluid dispensing valve

    field.writer/ :2017-11-24 Clicks:160

    When dispensing operation AB precision dispensing machine, we must pay attention to the function of dispensing machine fittings. Because these parts in precision dispensing dispensing machine plays a very important role, for example: play a...

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