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  • The function of automatic double rubber valve is relatively

    field.writer/ :2019-08-20 Clicks:160

    Double-glue valve is an important part of double-liquid glue mixing. The double liquid dispenser is equipped with double valves for inserting two hoses and one inlet pipe, one for conveying glue and the other for conveying glue catalyst. The glue solidifi...

  • What are the characteristics of stainless steel pressure bar

    field.writer/ :2019-08-07 Clicks:196

    Stainless steel pressure barrel consists of pneumatic motor, air conditioning, safety valve, exhaust valve, discharge outlet, inner cylinder and four movable wheels. The pneumatic motor installed in the pressure barrel can be used for pneumatic stirring t...

  • Characteristics and functions of high-speed dispensing valve

    field.writer/ :2019-08-07 Clicks:185

    First, support large amount of glue filling Some products need to be filled with a lot of glue to produce. For this requirement, visual dispenser supports high-speed dispensing valves with large flow and adjusts the range of glue in one-way operation. Wid...

  • Recommendation of a metering dispensing valve with precise g

    field.writer/ :2019-07-25 Clicks:162

    Neutral automation is a manufacturer specializing in the supply of dispensing equipment and accessories. This time, a special compound control valve is recommended for users. The special metering dispensing valve is mainly suitable for the precise control...

  • 19 Years Hot Push Hoist Dispenser Valve Adhesion Coating Uni

    field.writer/ :2019-07-12 Clicks:241

    The lifting dispensing valve belongs to the auxiliary device of Hot-Push rubber control in nineteen years. With its unique lifting design, it ensures the rapid recovery of rubber without leakage. It is a control valve suitable for bonding and coating link...

  • Medium discount direct supply precision flow control yellow

    field.writer/ :2019-06-13 Clicks:147

    Electronic yellow glue belongs to a kind of adhesive curing medium fluid, which is mainly suitable for sealing, insulation or fixed applications of various electronic components such as electronic products. It needs to be precisely controlled by yellow gl...

  • Medium-sized rotary dispensing for high-viscosity fluid cont

    field.writer/ :2019-05-09 Clicks:178

    The high viscosity dispensing valve, which can support various glue applications, is more welcomed by the users who need it in the industry. This rotary dispensing valve introduced in this paper is more special than ordinary dispensing valve. It is mainly...

  • Function introduction of special micro-ceramic dispensing va

    field.writer/ :2019-04-10 Clicks:259

    The function of dispensing valve is a loading part of dispensing machine used to control the flow rate of adhesives. This paper introduces a special micro-ceramic dispensing valve. The special alumina has a strong improvement in service life and durabilit...

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