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Brief introduction of portable disposable dispensing syringe

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Disposable dispensing syringe is a simple accessory for dispensing glue with single drive. The glue can be dispensed by hand extrusion only when stored in the syringe. The particularity of the bottom structure enables the needle sleeve to provide a more precise dispensing effect here. Relatively speaking, the precision and quality are guaranteed. The dispensing syringe can be equipped with a long needle for dispensing glue. With operation, it is suitable for most dispensing and gluing production, including the application of infusion device gluing and cover plate gluing.
Disposable hand dispensing syringe
The characteristics of dispensing syringe are briefly introduced.
The dispensing syringe made of thickened PP material has good function and applicability. It can be equipped with stainless steel needle or long dispensing needle. The price is relatively low and can not be recycled. Besides dispensing and gluing, it can even be used for feeding and sugar filling. The dispensing syringe is made of environmentally friendly PP material. The material does not contain organic silica gel chloride, and the inert thick PP material is environmentally friendly. The application effect is good. The built-in rubber ring is used to seal and assist in various dispensing work to prevent the influence of rubber leakage. Because the bottom is sleeve, it can be set with ordinary stainless steel needle or special long dispensing needle to enhance the accuracy of gluing. It can also be added with special multi-point dispensing needle to further improve the accuracy effect, so that it can be applied in infusion applicator gluing and cover plate gluing. Excellent dispensing and gluing effect.
Hand-push dispensing syringe
Instructions on the use of dispensing syringes
The specifications of dispensing syringes are various, including 1CC, 2CC, 3CC, 5CC, 10CC, 20CC, 30CC, 50CC, 100CC and so on. In view of the requirement of stable and uniform glue quantity control for dispensing syringes and covering plate glue, the dispensing syringes can be used for strengthening or bonding. The dispensing needle has the effect of improving accuracy, and only the glue quantity stored in the syringe can be pressed at the top. The glue can be produced by plug extrusion, and the special multi-point glue dispensing needle is the same. Therefore, the glue dispensing syringe belongs to the category of manual glue coating. In order to avoid the problem of curing and blockage of glue content, the used glue dispensing syringe should be discarded directly.
Long dispensing needle
When dispensing manually, you can choose a dispensing syringe which is convenient to use to finish the simple dispensing work. The multi-point dispensing needle with high precision can be set up to assist the use of higher lifting effect.
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