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Is the plastic rubber cylinder at the end of dispensing mach

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Plastic rubber cylinder is the tool of dispensing machine. The rubber cylinder is used to store the treated glue and then press the glue onto the surface of the coating. Because the rubber cylinder is mainly made of synthetic materials such as plastics, some people may ask, "Is the plastic cylinder a disposable material for dispensing machine?" First of all, I will explain here that plastic rubber cylinder is not a disposable product and can support the second use of dispensing machine. Let me explain why it is not a disposable device.
500CC plastic cylinder
There are differences between medical syringes and syringes. The rubber cylinder used to store glue is different from the medical rubber cylinder. The medical taboo is cross-contamination, so it has been completed after the needle. To avoid cross-contamination, these plastic syringes will be used to discard them directly. These are disposable products with low cost.
Although the price of plastic hose is relatively low, it is not a disposable appliance, but there is no cross-contamination in industrial production. Continue to use the cartridge interior before using the new glue to avoid the cost of disposable items.
Japanese plastic cylinder
Semi-automatic dispensing machine and injection cartridge are not properly handled, disposable articles need to store different types of glue, so it is also divided into various specifications of cartridge, there is a special syringe for shadow-free glue, special cartridge for anaerobic glue needs ventilation holes to allow air to enter, so as to avoid the self-reflex of anaerobic glue in vacuum syringe. It should be solidified. The appearance of special syringe for shadow-free glue is amber. The amber-colored plastic tube can reduce the ultraviolet intensity, and the amber-colored plastic tube can prevent the shadow glue from reacting and coagulating under the ultraviolet rays of the sun. If special glue is not properly treated, it may cause internal curing and affect service life, making it a passive disposable product.
Transparent dispensing syringe
Plastic cartridges for glue storage
Characteristics of American dispensing injection cartridge. This American plastic cylinder does not contain chloride and bismuth. The injection end is made of polypropylene staple fibers. The clear proportion of syringes makes the use of glue very high. Plastic rubber cylinders can store large amounts of glue and support it. American-style rubber injection cylinder can be used for a long time, not a disposable item.
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