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Describe 55CC common specifications of dispensing transparen

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Neutral automation has long been involved in the fields of automatic dispensing machine and dispensing machine consumables. There are 55CC dispensing transparent syringes, 5cc/10cc/30cc dispensing transparent syringes, 100cc/200cc/300cc dispensing transparent syringes of various colors. The commonly used transparent colors are also called white, brown, green and black. They are selected according to the characteristics of glue and operating environment. The transparent dispensing syringes are well supplied with various dispensing syringes, and have the characteristics of high quality and easy to use.
55CC Japanese dispensing syringe
Description of 55CC dispensing transparent needle barrel
1. Like other types of syringes, they have the following obvious characteristics. Special design, no inclined vertical inner wall, clear and even jaw teeth, easy to tighten needle, not easy to fall off
2. Special double scraper piston makes the liquid in the dispensing needle barrel clean without residual glue.
Glue storage syringe
3. Transparent needle barrels are made of imported materials and are not easy to crack. Customers can choose Japanese and American transparent dispensing syringes. In addition, our company also supplies various types of dispensing syringes, dispensing machine consumables, pedal switches, patch machines, screen printers and other antistatic products consumables, SMT one-stop purchasing point and dispensing machine consumables brand.
Multi-specification dispensing transparent needle barrel
55CC dispensing transparent needle barrel has been widely used in practical operation.
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