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Teflon tip: a dispensing needle suitable for instant drying

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Instant dry glue and hot melt glue are special glue in the glue industry. Although they need to be used in a complex way, they are still "stars" in the glue industry. In order to use these glue, our manufacturers are also racking their brains. Finally, they can manufacture machines and accessories according to their needs. For example, hot melt glue has hot melt glue dispenser, while instant dry glue has Teflon needle tip, with configuration Two products can be used for dispensing your company.
  Teflon needle tip is a kind of needle made of plastic steel needle and Teflon tube. In order to prevent the quick solidification of instant dry glue and plastic steel needle, Teflon is a plastic material, which will not react with instant dry glue. If the two sides of Teflon tube are sealed tightly to prevent the glue from contacting with the air, the glue inside the rubber tube will not appear for a month Curing reaction, Teflon needle tip is combined with this point, will choose this way of production.
  Picture of Teflon needle mouth
  Teflon needle nozzle specification picture
  Teflon needle tip is mainly installed on the dispensing syringe or dispensing valve. It is equipped with a full-automatic dispensing machine. In order to achieve better dispensing effect and continuous production, it can solve the problem of production speed and the cost of dispensing consumables. A Teflon needle tip can be used for one day. If it can be processed in time, it will take longer to realize That's why many manufacturers pay attention to maintenance.
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