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UV high pressure dispensing syringe

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When we want to use UV glue for dispensing operation, the need to use professional dispensing machine strong it, then this dispenser inside parts should also be different from the common dispenser, therefore also need needle dispensing must have some special properties.
High pressure dispensing needle barrel
Due to the use of UV glue dispensing, so we must use the UV precision dispensing machine in order for this kind of glue dispensing work. Therefore, UV glue should also is a kind of special glue, it is called shadowless glue, because it is a kind of UV glue solidification will be met, it is also known as UV curable adhesive. This glue is colorless, with strong adhesive, itself does not cause harm to the environment in a liquid, or a single component glue use is relatively easy, pollution-free green environmental protection, the solidification time soon, can be repeated for dispensing, because it would only be for ultraviolet light will be solidified, so properties this glue is very stable.
Precision dispensing needle barrel
But it is because of the glue that has these properties that it can cause a variety of problems when dispensing on the dispenser. Because of the very strong viscosity of the glue and the characteristics of UV coagulation, we choose the UV dispensing syringe when choosing the dispensing syringe.
UV dispensing syringe
The dispensing needle cylinder is used the external color amber color. This is because the color can block a lot of ultraviolet light, protect the glue in the dispensing syringe without UV irradiation. It also has very strong pressure, it can instantly push the glue in the syringe and make precise dispensing. This can effectively solve the UV glue glue flow velocity is too slow problem.
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