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55CC American glue pin

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The dispensing needle is a container used in storage of the glue, there is a need to promote the flow of glue dispensing, dispensing technology and development needs of the parts quality is closely related to the American dispensing syringe is a container used in the storage of glue, glue according to the nature of American dispensing syringe for the user to select a variety of styles.
American dispensing syringe size 55CC 175mm*25mm, can accommodate 50ml glue storage use, the different nature of the need to use different types of glue glue tube, American dispensing syringe general is translucent, aiming at the special glue storage syringes of various colors, black needle and amber needles are used in the storage of glue, black needle can play a comprehensive shading effect, reduce the impact of light irradiation on the UV curing glue, and amber needles can avoid UV curing effects by ultraviolet radiation.
Why is the practical application of the American glue syringe high? This is because of the special design of the needle cylinder, which has no inclination of vertical wall, the glue dispensing process can be uniformly accurate out of dispensing, high quality sealing design of the problem does not occur leakage of adhesive residue, improve dispensing work fluency and stability, to provide better quality for users dispensing.
The American glue syringe has two sets and four sets. The two sets contain only the piston and the American syringe syringe, and the four pieces have the piston, the top plug, the bottom plug and so on. Made of special polypropylene, practicability and chloride to enhance silicon rubber tube, also has antistatic properties, can be applied in various storage fluid dispensing, such as conductive adhesive, solder paste, red glue, epoxy resin, also supports a variety of fluid dispensing, such as lubricating oil, paste, paint etc..

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