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There are common problems in high precision syringes

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When we use the high-precision dispensing machine for dispensing, sometimes we fail because of the failure of accessories in dispensing machine, resulting in the decrease of dot density and even the failure of dispensing. If we want to check the dispensing machine in all aspects, it will waste a lot of dispensing time, which will greatly reduce the dispensing efficiency, thus affecting the progress of the dispensing task. So we first come to understand today, the high precision glue machine in the glue dot glue needle tube problem all have?
UV glue pin
At present, it has two functions, one of which is to store a variety of glue to make fine glue. The other is when the dispensing machine is going to carry out the last dispensing task, the piston on the dispensing cylinder is used for precise control of the glue dispensing, and the glue is accurately dispensed according to the setting value of the main control system. There are many problems to be paid attention to.
Plastic syringe needle
We must pay attention to make use of what we are in dispensing glue dispensing, some special glue, stainless steel precision dispensing needle is generally not bearing, for example: UV glue, hot melt glue etc.. In particular, UV glue, which has the characteristics of strong stickiness and so on, needs to react with ultraviolet light to produce solidification. Therefore, we will use special UV to store the UV glue dispensing syringe. This needle is used in plastics, so that it can store some of the higher viscosity of the glue dispensing needle, and the body was amber, this is because of this kind of color can prevent the needle cylinder inside and outside the reaction of ultraviolet UV, the dispenser when at the end of the dispensing, dispensing needles to prevent occurrence the blocking phenomenon.
Carbon steel needles
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