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Which kind of glue needle is suitable for the use of double

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Dispensing needle production is based on industry needs the products produced, or in order to improve the effect of dispensing, dispensing industries such as mixing needles suitable double liquid dispensing machine use but not to use other industries, many needles are according to this effect, these effects can be obtained using the appropriate dispensing needle industry only to promote the effect of dispensing, otherwise it will affect the quality of the use of dispensing.
Double liquid dispensing is the use of two or more than two kinds of glue glue dispensing, mixing in the dispensing valve, then dispensing, two kinds of glue mixture will carry out a chemical reaction, and then solidified, the process time is short, can not be stored for a long time. The mixed plastic dispensing needle is internally equipped with spiral blades, which allows glue to flow and collide, and then achieve a mixed state. The use of ordinary dispensing needles has no such effect.
Can the right double liquid dispensing machine using a dispensing needle or a lot, except for the accuracy requirement, mixed double liquid dispensing needle is the most suitable double liquid dispensing machine, with mixing, dispensing needles such plastic production difficulty is low, the use of stainless steel production could reach less than expected the effect of double liquid dispensing machine without pride of high accuracy, can choose mixed plastic dispensing needles, the quality is certainly better than ordinary dispensing needles.
Can the appropriate dispensing needle double liquid dispensing machine still has a lot of, for example: Teflon needles and plastic needles, these two needles are also suitable double liquid dispensing machine, particularly a Teflon needle dispensing effect is very good, the use of two kinds of needle mixed dispensing valve better.
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