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What's the advantage of using plastic needles

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Plastic dispensing needle belongs to cheaper dispensing accessories, the production process is relatively simple, type more, there are TT type dispensing needle dispensing needle, disposable plastic seat, dispensing needles, needles and other mixed AB, is the use of plastic is made of some popular products is also some dispensing industry, mixed dispensing needle is popular use double liquid dispensing machine in the dispensing needle.
Plastic products the biggest advantage is cheap, material costs and labor costs are needed to account, so that manufacturers have to survive because it is appropriate to use plastic products manufactured products, still need to be tested, suitable for enterprises to be able to reduce a large purchase of stainless steel needles, but there are some places according to effect of glue dispensing needle.
The use of all plastic needles have the benefits of a lot of use quick drying glue on the market, product dispensing, quick drying glue is a name to rapid solidification, the use of such easy to cause the glue dispensing needle solidification, using needles is more expensive, it can only be discarded needles, will not have these what the use of all plastic dispensing needles, clogging problems, can replace the use of plastic dispensing needles, needles can reduce costs.
The use of all plastic dispensing needle good or very much, although no stainless steel needles dispensing accuracy more, but there are also many benefits, choose the appropriate dispensing needle application is the most important, so it does not apply to the dispensing effect, if the quality of selected dispensing needle and affect the product, it The loss outweighs the gain. the choice of dispensing needles need to have a reason and the full.
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