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What types of needles are used for industrial use

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In some industries such as instruments, handcrafts, chemistry, technology and assembly, glue will be used. In order to improve production efficiency, glue dispensers will be used instead of manual dispensing in these industries. And the glue needle is one of the parts of the glue dispenser. In the work of the glue, the needle can be used with the glue dispenser to make the glue. But the types of needles are much more, so what are the types of needles in the industrial use of the needles?
One, stainless steel dot glue needle
It can be seen from the name that stainless steel dot glue needles are made of stainless steel, can be reused, and the service life is long. When the glue in the syringe is coagulated, the dispenser can be stopped first, then the heater is used to heat the dispensing machine, so that the glue in the needle will melt. The use of this kind of glue needle to make the glue work can improve the speed of the glue. It is suitable for use in some products with high demand for glue.
Two, brush with glue needle
Unlike other dispensing needles, the top of the brush needle is not a needle, but a wool made of nylon. From the appearance, it is similar to the small brush we see everyday. And the types of brush dispensing needle is more also, have a soft and hard hair, flat mouth, mouth and other forms of needle, needle for use in dispensing work according to the requirements of the product is best to choose the right type of brush needle, convenient dispensing work, suitable for use in some of the large quantity of plastic industrial products.
Three. The needle of the plastic dispenser
The plastic dispensing needle is also one of the industrial dispensing needles. The needle is made of plastic material. Although the service life is not longer than that of the stainless steel dispensing needle, it will not scrape products in the process of dispensing, and it can ensure the production quality of the products.
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