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Can plastic pressure barrels prevent collision

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The pressure bucket used in the glue dispenser can be divided into metal and plastic pressure barrels from the made material. But their performance is quite different, but they can play a role in promoting the glue dispensing, that is, compressing the compressed air for more rigorous adjustment, and finally completing the dispensing operation. So in the daily production, are the plastic pressure barrels used to prevent the collision?
Plastic pressure barrels in various plastic pressure barrels, their size, pattern and material will sometimes be very different, for example: jet type, polypropylene plastic pressure bucket. But their power systems are always the same, and they are driven by air pressure to drive the glue. Because plastic pressure barrels can store glue better in order to store the glue better, the inner barrel in it is made of carbon steel. This is because the pressure barrel made in the whole plastic can not be loaded with glue, a viscous liquid, so it is necessary to make semi metal.
Plastic automatic mixing pressure barrel we can consider first from the material, plastic steel pressure barrel can dispensing machine work, its shell due to the use of plastic manufacturing, so it has a strong compression capability, can avoid the huge risk of pressure barrel explosion brought pressure, improves the safety performance in the barrel. Plastic material is more fragile on collision prevention, it is not very high hardness, and is very easy to be fractured after the impact. So it doesn't have a very strong anti-collision ability.
The stainless steel pressure bucket is a good choice if you need the pressure bucket to have the anti-collision ability if you need the pressure barrel. This is because of the stainless steel material, its service life will be much more cost-effective than the use of plastic longer.
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