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Working principle of automatic pressure bucket for carbon st

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If we want to solve the problem of how to make glue dispensing, the carbon steel automatic pressure barrel will inevitably be mentioned. What is the principle of this carbon steel automatic pressure bucket? First of all, to know the working principle of carbon steel automatic pressure bucket, we must first understand its characteristics and structure composition.
Carbon steel pressure bucket
Because the carbon steel automatic pressure pail is mainly made of carbon steel, it has the characteristics of strong explosion-proof, fire resistance, safety and high temperature resistance. It can carry out continuous glue dispensing throughout the day. Because the shell made of carbon steel has been treated in the form of dusting, we can't pour the glue into the pressure container directly. We must first put the glue packing barrel into the inner barrel or replace the stainless steel inner barrel to carry the glue.
Stainless steel automatic pressure bucket
The structure of the carbon steel automatic pressure bucket is the same as that of the stainless steel pressure bucket. It is made up of a pneumatic motor, a pneumatic controller, a safety valve, an exhaust valve, a discharge valve, an inner cylinder and a movable gear. Between them working together to complete their work functions, seemingly complex structure, actually its working principle is relatively simple, is also the first to glue steel pressure barrel pressure adjusted by the pressure inside the glue barrel internal pressure regulating valve, exhaust valve to eliminate excess gas, let the pressure remains constant and then through the glue dispensing valve, the safety valve discharge pressure from the glue dispensing machine, so as to realize the precision dispensing operation.
Manual stainless steel pressure bucket
But in the process also need to pay attention to some matters: a dispensing is to ensure that the safety valve pressure barrel must be in qualified status, so that we can make the dispensing; two is to ensure the lid must be locked.
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