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It is very important to choose the accessories for sealing t

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Intelligent equipment promotion is rising, and then driven by the market demand for related application accessories, the same toy sealant also needs to use good performance accessories or qualified processes for the best, the process of sealant needs to use the corresponding equipment and accessories, including machinery and rubber valves, should be carefully selected, 2121 point valves for small toy sealant function and effectiveness. The fruit has good practicability.
Plush toy sealant
2121 dispensing valve for non-dripping and non-leaking glue control
2121 dispensing valve has a wide range of applications. It can support operators to connect controller to fill sealant and work directly with automatic dispensing machine. The special steel of anodized aluminium alloy has a long life and durable life. The top adjusting micrometer is used to control the amount of glue more precisely. Therefore, the control effect of 2121 dispensing valve for toy sealant is stable. Pneumatic driving glue sealant is simple and needs preparation. Less to ensure that the glue is sufficient without leakage affecting the overall shape of children's toys.
Blue 2121 dispensing valve
Strengthen the Sealing Strength of Anti-seepage Water
The function of sealant is to protect the influence of dust or foreign body, some are to seal and prevent seepage. Special 702 sealant is used for small boat toy sealant. Only when the sealant is evenly applied to the place where toys need complete sealant can the practical value be avoided from being affected by water infiltration or foreign body. Attention should also be paid to the control of glue viscosity by 2121 point glue valve in order to prevent this problem. Only then can we further strengthen the anti-seepage water seal strength after sealing toys.
Industry Application Scope
After sealing toys, both value and practicability can be improved.
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