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Can the plastic TT dispensing needle dispense glue in the na

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Narrow border dispensing of mobile phones has been gradually transformed from manual operation to application automation equipment. The efficiency and quality control effect of automatic dispensing machine has become the production standard. TT dispensing needle has the characteristics of simple use and comprehensive application effect. It also has the problem of preventing needle from scratching the surface. Can the smart phone dispensing with narrow border be completed with this dispensing needle?
Is TT dispensing needle suitable for application
Smartphone screens are mostly large screens, and the dispensing path is more fine. Therefore, automatic equipment is needed for dispensing the narrow border of such mobile phones. The reason for selecting TT dispensing needle is to inject the glue into the alignment point, which has the functions of easy disassembly and easy adjustment. The uniform coating of glue amount has the effect of low cost, easy disassembly, easy adjustment and not easy offset.
Plastic TT dispensing needle
Mobile phone narrow border dispensing
The support area of tempered glass screen is relatively narrow, so it should have certain disassembly ability and corrosive-free adjuvant, which is convenient for subsequent disassembly, repair and rework. Colored TT dispensing needle can be compatible with a variety of glue for dispensing. Setting a narrow border on dispensing machine controller requires dispensing path to facilitate automatic dispensing, and then glue is extruded to the needle by driving source, of course, TT dispensing needle. Head is not suitable for all glue to finish narrow border dispensing. If hot melt glue is used for mobile phone narrow border dispensing, this plastic needle can not be used. Hot melt glue dispensing valve should be selected to control hot melt dispensing.
Mobile phone dispensing narrow border
The promotion of the smartphone market will have an impact on a number of technologies, and so will the narrow border dispensing of mobile phones. In the future, new requirements for technology may be put forward again.
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