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How to choose a dispensing valve that can mix glue quantitat

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The emergence of dispensing valves mainly improves the degree of effect of glue flow control. To solve the problem of mixing proportion of two-component glue, it is undoubtedly the choice of dispensing valves with quantitative mixing is suitable, and the types of dispensing valves that can mix two-component glue are different, so how to choose a suitable fitting has become a confusing problem for users. Here we recommend it for users. A dynamic mixing valve capable of quantitative mixing of user's rubber ratio.
Dynamic mixed dispensing valve
The Difference between Dynamic Mixing and Static Mixing
The mixing ratio of two-component glue has static mixing rubber valve and dynamic mixing rubber valve. The difference between this dynamic mixing valve and ordinary two-component dispensing valve is mainly reflected in the difference between the bottom of the rubber valve and most of the mixed dispensing valves. The specific difference is that a static mixing tube is chosen to mix with a dynamic mixing tube, and the static mixing tube is commonly used in the mixed dispensing valve. The two-component glue mixes automatically in the static mixing pipe spirally through the flow. This way depends on time and gravity to influence the mixing. The mixing integrity is not good. The dynamic mixing valve mixes in proportion with the blade. The driving motor at the back provides rotation. The two-component glue mixing ratio of blade mixing is fast and the efficiency is high. This is the difference between the two mixing valves.
Rubber Valve with Static Mixing Pipe
Because the dynamic mixing needs to be matched with the driving motor, it is mainly used to connect the automatic dispensing equipment for use, but not for manual control and other dispensing methods.
Multi-group dynamic dispensing valve
The characteristics and advantages of the dynamic dispensing valve are great, so the dispensing valve used in automatic dispensing machine has fast mixing efficiency, high stability and less rework demand. It is an optional accessory to maintain production stability. Users can be recommended to choose the dynamic dispensing valve.
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