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Requirements for microelectronic packaging and recommendatio

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From today's situation, the production line of microelectronic packaging has transited to the era of automation equipment as the dominant. The emergence of automation equipment such as automatic glue machine has lightened the burden of manual and consumables control. Some microelectronic packaging needs waterproof erosion, others need to cover microelectronic dust-proof and packaging. According to the requirements of such applications, appropriate accessories should be selected. Therefore, the choice of single or double liquid dispensing valves should be reconsidered.
Microelectronic chip packaging
Requirements for Microelectronic Packaging
Chip is one of the most common microelectronics. The automatic glue machine is used to control the glue quantitatively to make the glue evenly coated on the surface. In fact, there are two reasons for the chip microelectronics packaging. Glue coating on the bottom of the chip is one of the requirements. Of course, some are to use glue to coat the surface to make it waterproof or dustproof, so different glue should be selected. As packaging consumables, the choice of single or double liquid dispensing valve should be emphasized in automatic glue dispenser. Xiaobian recommends a compound thimble dispensing valve as an automatic valve to control glue.
Double-stomatal pin dispensing valve
Recommendation of Rubber Valve for Rubber Quantity Control
Single-liquid dispensing valve can be suitable for most single-component glue. Among them, the compound thimble dispensing valve can be suitable for most of the users'glue control needs. The double-hole pressure supply of the double-action type is high, the accuracy of the thimble moving back and forth to control glue is strengthened, the exterior is made of aluminium alloy material, the structure is exquisite and the precision is improved, and it also has a certain anti-corrosion ability and adaptability. It can be used in the work of waterproof, erosion and dust-proof coverage for microelectronic packaging. Therefore, it is recommended that the compound ejector dispensing valve be assembled on the automatic glue machine for glue control.
Parameters of double-hole dispensing valve
The compound thimble dispensing valve has an advantage over the same single-liquid dispensing valve in dispensing accuracy of 0.1mm. At the same time, the micro-control precision is high and the effect of application in microelectronic packaging is good. It is suitable for the control of microelectronic waterproof or dust-proof cover. It can be installed on the automatic glue machine to control the dispensing of glue and also can connect the manual control dispensing of glue. It is a practical and convenient control. Rubber accessories.
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