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Using dispensing machine to package parts and products has t

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Surface encapsulation of small-sized parts is mainly used to prevent foreign bodies or water vapor and other substances from intruding. After using automatic glue machine to carry out waterproof glue work, it can improve the service life, and at the same time, it has some impact resistance. Therefore, the dispensing of small-sized electronic metal shell is a higher requirement. The applicability of manual control of single-liquid dispensing valve is not strong, so it is automatic. Chemical glue machine will play an important role in waterproof glue.
Waterproof glue for small parts
Function and Way of Packaging Viscose
In order to play a role in dispensing of electronic metal shell, it is necessary to control the accuracy and path of the automatic glue machine. The controller is connected to the glue machine and positioned by counting the locations. Then the glue valve evenly coats the encapsulated glue on the surface of the electronic metal shell. The protective effect of the glue on air or air dust is improved, and it has a certain impact resistance, which can prevent parts from being damaged. Water viscose mainly passes through, so choose a suitable single liquid dispensing valve according to the need of viscose. Xiaobian recommends a compound thimble dispensing valve to control the dispensing effect needed for packaging.
Double-end glue dispenser
Recommended Control Valve Types for Completion of Packaging
Among many single-liquid dispensing valves, the effect of compound ejector dispensing valves is good, mainly because the applicable glue of ejector valve is more in line with the automatic glue machine used to control the glue volume, support the use of medium and high viscosity fluid glue for waterproof glue, strengthen the force and time of ejector driving through double cylinder reciprocating movement, and is a control valve used to improve the uniformity of dispensing after the electronic metal shell, which is connected to the self-assembly. In the use of dynamic glue machine, such problems as non-drawing and non-leaking affect the appearance of finished products, so the compound ejector dispensing valve is an important single-liquid dispensing valve to ensure the waterproof and viscose parts.
Thimble micrometer dispensing valve
Small chips need high quality for waterproof adhesive. The automatic glue machine is used in array batch dispensing with strong consistency after setting mode, which makes the electronic metal shell dispensing evenly into large quantities, and the finished electronic parts with waterproof and dust-proof properties have high value.
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