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Special pressure barrel is used for transparent 502 glue

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Among the glue types, 502-point glue is widely used. It can be used in packaging and dispensing links of micro-electronics. It can catalyze rapid adhesion after contacting trace water vapor in the air. If it is to be stored in batches, it can be easily stored by coating pressure barrel. It can also be used for continuous glue supply when 502-point glue of medium and high viscosity is used. It is suitable for micro-level glue because of its long life, high application quality and other characteristics. Electronic chip or buzzer dispensing, etc.
Transparent 502 glue
Applicable high viscosity glue
According to the viscosity of the glue, there are two kinds of glue supply for the pressure bucket of coatings. One is that the adhesive with high viscosity needs to be driven out by the bottom, while the low viscosity adhesive can be released from the top by the pressure control of the dispenser. 502 belongs to a kind of high-viscosity glue. The degree of catalytic reaction curing is fast and versatile. The pressure bucket of coatings with multiple specifications can store glue of various capacities and stainless steel. The exterior of the material has good corrosion resistance and service life. The pressure of the dispenser controlled by the interior is high and the safety performance is good. So the application effect of 502 dispensing in the production line with high demand is good. There are reasons why the pressure drum is needed for batch buzzer dispensing.
Paint Pressure Barrel
Can be used to complete batch buzzer dispensing
When dispensing buzzer, glue should be coated on the bonding surface and bonded to film with high viscosity glue, so 502 high viscosity glue can be stored in the paint pressure barrel and driven by higher pressure of dispensing machine to make the buzzer dispense glue from the bottom. The glue can be evenly and steadily transported to the glue valve, and then 502 points of glue can be used on the surface of buzzer to improve the bonding efficiency. So when dispensing buzzer with 502, there are some problems, such as fast bonding speed, hard and brittle.
Microbuzzer dispensing
Users need to control large quantities of transparent 502 dispensing glue, which can be transported and stored in paint pressure barrel. The characteristics of controllable dispensing machine pressure and complete mixing glue have good application effect on controlling various high viscosity glue.
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