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What is the reaction rate of UV curing?

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UV glue, also known as UV glue, is mainly used for bonding between product surfaces. Transparent photo frame dripping glue also needs to be strengthened by dripping UV glue. Because UV glue solidification has specific requirements and quality control, the dripping syringe for storing glue should also be selected specifically, so this kind of UV glue needs specific conditions to store and control its use.
Black UV ultraviolet adhesive
Conditions and Ways of Curing UV Adhesive
Ultraviolet UV adhesives in the normal state is the fluid non-curing state, when it comes into contact with the ultraviolet light in the light will begin to react and curing, opaque transparent material is unable to drip UV adhesives to enhance the curing effect, because ultraviolet light can not irradiate the opaque material to enhance the curing rate of UV adhesives. Similarly, photo frame dripping adhesives can support light irradiation curing mainly because of its transparent part. The type of needle barrel should choose the color with weakening light effect, so only the transparent material can be dripped UV glue reinforcement, can be installed on the dispensing machine to speed up the curing rate, UV glue is also known as ultraviolet glue is this reason.
Point UV Rubber Amber Rubber Tube
How to Improve the Reaction Reinforcement Effect of UV Adhesive
As mentioned earlier, UV glue is also called ultraviolet glue. Ultraviolet irradiation in normal conditions may cause local curing. Therefore, the installation of ultraviolet lamp on dispensing machine can also enhance the curing rate of UV glue, and the effect of continuous irradiation on the curing of convective dripping UV glue is stable and persistent. It is not easy to see that some parts of the UV glue are still not cured, which will affect the strengthening of photo frame dripping glue. The choice of amber or black syringes is mostly to prevent the effect of ultraviolet light from solidifying without dropping out.
Tri-Axis Platform Dispenser
The cured UV adhesive is transparent after UV irradiation. The surface of the photo frame dropping adhesive is not yellowing or whitening for a long time. The effect of low temperature and high temperature resistance is good. The adhesive can be controlled continuously in the dropping syringe and the effect of bonding and curing is good.
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