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The problems and causes of glue overflow are briefly describ

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3131 dispensing valve can be connected to automatic equipment to control glue discharge according to the path, good sealing and control effect are good for the control quality of glue overflow; of course, errors in operation and other factors will also cause glue overflow problems to affect the production line, especially for lithium battery glue coating with high precision requirements and batch button dyeing. The problem of spillover can adjust the backdraft function of dispensing machine, which is also called extruder.
Transparent dispensing glue
Analysis of causes of glue overflow
There are many phenomena of glue overflow at low concentration, which is related to the liquidity of glue. Good glue flow speed is fast. It is difficult for ordinary glue valves to control glue overflow accurately. By choosing the back-suction type 3131 glue-dispensing valve, the controller can adjust the pressure of the back-suction function to make the glue recovered by the influence of the back-suction. The 3131 dispensing valve is used to set the suction force for flow control to prevent the low concentration glue from overflowing due to the low suction pressure. It can be used in the production links of lithium battery glue coating and large quantities of button dyeing. The automatic dispensing machine is also called glue automatic extruder by some users.
3131 reciprocating suction dispensing valve
Flow Control of Glue by Backdraft Function
Some users will call dispensing machine glue extruder. The functions and properties of dispensing machine are very different from glue extruder. But it is also the equipment for quantitative extrusion of glue. Different equipment, dispensing machine can assemble 3131 backdraft dispensing valves. It can control the flow of liquid fluid for a long time and is not easy to leak out. It can control the yield of lithium battery glue coating and button dyeing steadily.
331 Non-standard dispenser
On other glue spills
3131 dispensing valves have built-in sealing rings to prevent glue overflow, but the sealing rings are consumables, which need to be replaced regularly to avoid the defects of the sealing rings causing glue overflow again, so that it can not be well applied in button dyeing or lithium battery gluing and other precision requirements of production links.
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