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What is an extruder? What is the connection with dispensing

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The glue extruder and dispensing machine have similar functions, but the execution effect is quite different. Only a few people extend the extruder to dispensing machine. The dispensing machine is equipped with a back-suction type 3131 dispensing valve for glue quantitative control. The special back-suction function is used to control the flow of low concentration fluid and prevent glue overflow. It can be used in button dyeing or lithium battery gluing production links, while the traditional idea is that The extruder in the sense is a completely different equipment, which is plasticized and mixed by the force produced by the screw rotation.
Large floor glue extruder
Introduction of glue extruder
The glue extruder is used to control the glue extruder in paper packaging. The aluminium alloy material can be used to control the glue flow for a long time in batches and to stabilize the glue on paper. Good sealability can control the glue overflow in storage. It has the advantages of high production efficiency and labor cost saving. Because the machine structure is a special design for glue on paper. It is not suitable for the use of lithium battery glue and other sophisticated production. It is also unable to control the spraying property of the paint. It is not suitable for button dyeing and other dyeing production lines.
Desktop type 331 dispenser
Common and difference with dispensing machine
The glue extruder is to put paper on the printing surface and then aim at the paper glue. In fact, the glue dispenser can also glue paper. The glue dispenser can glue paper through 3131 glue dispensing valve after quantitative route glue dispensing. The uniformity of glue extruder is not as good as that of glue extruder. So both of them can glue paper together. The difference lies in the distribution effect of glue surface and the operation principle. The 3131 dispensing valve assembled by dispensing machine has the function of re-moving and re-sucking. It has high control precision for low concentration glue outflow. After setting the degree of re-suction to the controller, the low concentration glue is pulled back to avoid spilling and affecting the appearance. It is suitable for lithium battery gluing and button dyeing, so as to alleviate the glue overflow problem.
Resuction and suction type 3131 dispensing valve
The applicability of glue extruder is limited to the printing and gluing links of paper. The dispensing machine can glue lithium batteries and dye buttons in batches. It can assemble many dispensing accessories including 3131 dispensing valves according to the demand. The applicability is strong and the application effect is good.
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