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How much do you know about the key points of controlling nee

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Using glue dispensing syringe or dispensing valve for semi-finished product contact glue is a process of gluing encapsulation, while non contact dispensing should be controlled by spray valve. This brief introduction of contact dispensing is versatile and the application scope of the industry is more in line with the application effect of many industries. Taking the control of UV glue as an example, the amber needle syringe with a dispensing adapter is used to store colloid and pass through. The dispensing machine system controls the amber glue cylinder to move to the bonding surface to produce glue. When the needle at the bottom of the syringe touches the bonding surface, it points out glue, which is called contact dispensing. This dispensing method can satisfy the bonding of most transparent materials, such as cellphone bonding with toughened film and glass bonding. Do you know the main points?
PCB Contact Point Adhesive
Brief introduction to the main points of product dispensing
First of all, the amount of glue produced by the glue drive may affect. When the UV glue is stored in amber syringe, the contact glue dispensing is completed by pneumatic driving. The force control can adjust the controller of the dispensing machine. The function of the dispensing syringe adapter is to provide the pneumatic flow generated by the air compressor to drive the extrusion glue with high-intensity pneumatic pressure, which is the mainstream control of the dispensing machine. When controlling the contact dispensing of amber needle barrel, the supply of glue will be slow or even no glue. Besides eliminating the blockage of solidified glue in the barrel, it is necessary to check whether there is a hole in the needle barrel adapter leading to air pressure leakage. The leakage of the feeding pipe leads to the decrease of the driving pressure of glue, which will directly affect the quality of glue dispensing needed for bonding toughened film to glass. And efficiency.
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Prevent external effects on special materials
The needle assembled at the bottom of amber needle barrel is an important carrier for contact dispensing. It is suitable for controlling the adhesion of UV glue to both sides of glass and the work of plastering toughened film. It can prevent the gradual solidification from point to point and affect the coherence. However, the influence of metal needle on glass bonding is the problem of scratching the surface. The needle at the bottom of amber needle barrel is suitable for glass contact dispensing. Often due to imprecise height control, some scratches on the surface will affect the appearance quality of glass bonded products. It is possible to consider replacing soft needles or adjusting and controlling Z-axis height to prevent contact scratches and ensure the normal use of dispensing syringe adapter.
Amber-coloured UV cartridge
Contact dispensing is a common way in the industry. It is mainly carried out by automatic dispensing equipment. Many problems will occur and affect the quality of finished products. Only after adjusting and controlling, can the quality of finished products be avoided by the way of contact dispensing.
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