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Do you know the automatic mixing glue function of pressure b

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Whether it is coated with strong glue or low strength glue, it also needs clamp-type stainless steel pressure barrel to provide stable and uniform flow supply. Automatic stirring glue is one of its special functions. Long-term storage of unregulated glue is easy to stratify and lead to non-uniformity. This function is more manifested in general-purpose storage glue containers such as 5-liter pressure barrel, and it is of high quality in batch rel dispensing. The application effect of the clamp type stainless steel pressure barrel with the function of automatic mixing glue can be more fully reflected and valued.
Stainless steel pressure drum
Special function of realizing glue uniformity
In addition to the special clamp stainless steel pressure barrel, many specifications, including 5-liter pressure barrel, need to store glue of different properties to provide a dispenser with stable and strong glue. The function of automatic stirring glue lies in the inner bottom of the metal blade. After starting the stirring function, the metal blade will continue to rotate and stir the glue which may be stratified, and can store for a certain time. Layered glue is stirred evenly again, the quality of application in bonding will be improved, the value of clamp type stainless steel pressure barrel will be enhanced, and it can be fully applied in batch manufacturing of relay dispensing with high precision requirements.
Integral Configuration of Stainless Steel Pressure Barrel
Function of Stainless Steel Pressure Barrel with Blades
Mainstream 5-liter pressure barrel can be equipped with metal blades as an auxiliary device for automatic stirring glue. It can be used to improve the stability of strong glue coating and the stability of glue supply. Special clamp stainless steel pressure barrel has the function of stirring glue and stores various fluids of different properties and strength for bonding and packaging. External clamp has the effect of strengthening the stability. It can be used in the manufacture of relay dispensing and other types of demand products.
Carbon steel pressure barrel
The function application effect of automatic mixing glue is good and the demand is high. The stainless steel pressure barrel satisfied with this can be used in more glue coating and other similar production lines with large demand.
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