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Does the dispensing machine need accessories for strong glue

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The main way of applying strong glue is through dispensing machine, which has strong viscosity. At present, the 5-liter pressure barrel provided by pressure barrel manufacturer belongs to the mainstream specifications and can meet most of the manufacturing production. It can be used to store large volume of strong glue and extrude it by pneumatic driving when it needs to be sprayed. The application of strong glue is mainly oriented to the need for strict high-strength sealing. In the production of products, some electronic relay dispensing should also be sealed with strong glue.
Strong and High Viscosity Glue
Recommended accessories for glue storage
Products need to be recommended to use strong glue on the surface, strong glue generally has high viscosity and poor fluidity, ordinary dispensing needle barrel and dispensing needle may not be applicable, the choice of dispensing needle recommended fluid-type plastic dispensing needle, in terms of rubber storage automation as pressure barrel manufacturers recommend the use of clamp-type stainless steel pressure barrel as accessories for storing strong glue, high viscosity glue Water needs to be driven out from the bottom, and the clamp-type stainless steel pressure barrel of the customized plate supports the bottom out of the glue. At the same time, the external clamp can strengthen the fixed strength and stability. The 5-liter pressure barrel specifications can meet most of the industrial production and manufacture, and prevent the vibration or other external factors that may be affected by the long-term glue application. It is suitable for the batch of relay dispensing seals. Used in manufacturing.
Special stainless steel pressure barrel
Rationality of 5-liter barrel
Considering cost and application, pressure drum manufacturers generally recommend that users choose 5-liter pressure drums as containers for applying pressure drums glue. The glue stored in 1-liter or 2-liter pressure drums can not be used in the production of relay dispensing of flow-water type. If the special customized 50-liter or 100-liter pressure drums require high cost, they are not suitable for most of the students who need to apply high-pressure glue. Production line, so 5-liter pressure barrel specifications are appropriate and application effect is more in line with production requirements, especially 5-liter clamp stainless steel pressure barrel is more welcomed and recognized by users.
Actual Situation of Neutral Automation Manufacturers
Pressure drums coated with strong glue need to be customized for bottom delivery. Neutral automation is a pressure drum manufacturer with many years of manufacturing experience. It supports the continuous and stable glue supply of pressure drums of various specifications.
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