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Toothpaste sleeve for glass glue control

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When gluing glass on both sides, it is usually manually controlled to glue the glass glue cylinder. A toothpaste sleeve covering the outer end of the glass glue cylinder is provided in the middle system. The flat joint seals of building products can be used. The anti-skid performance of the outer surface is superior by grinding treatment. The sleeve types are divided into single cover and two end cover. Both manual operation and operation on glue dispensing equipment can be used for gluing glass on both sides. Joint reinforcement, the following will briefly introduce the application effect of glass bonding.
Glass bonding reinforcement
Strengthen the Quality of Glazed Glass
It is recommended that white glass glue be used for bonding glass. The glass glue packed in the tube of toothpaste sleeve can be used for plane bonding and seam sealing. The top connecting pipe is connected to the air source. The piston at the back end of extruded glass glue is extruded by air source drive, so that the glue amount is evenly coated on the glass surface for bonding and strengthening, and the glue amount required for bonding glass is evenly and smoothly passed through the air source. The application of toothpaste sleeve can be used in seam sealing and plane bonding links of various building materials, besides enhancing the function of sticking glass. If subsequent disassembly is to be carried out, the process of removing glass glue is more cumbersome.
Cylindrical Building Glass Adhesive
Reflective degree of reinforcement effect
Glazing glass only needs to be uniformly coated on the bonding surface, and the uniformity will determine the integrity and fixed strength of the bonding. At present, toothpaste sleeve can be mainly used to strengthen the bonding of glass and building panels. The amount of sealant applied to plane bonding and seam sealing is uniform and stable. If the subsequent removal of glass glue is needed, only alcohol and acetone can be selected. Gradually remove the bonded glass glue.
Frosted sleeve
The toothpaste sleeve made of viscous glass can provide many kinds of specifications for customers to choose and order.
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