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Does toothpaste sleeve be required for seam sealing of mater

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In the construction industry, there are a large number of materials that need seam sealing, such as gypsum board, box cover, glass and so on, which need to be controlled by glass glue for seam sealing. The function of toothpaste sleeve lies in the glass glue or other kinds of cylinder sealant, which is mainly used in plane bonding and other application links. It will be used in the bonding of both sides of glass and building materials of the same nature. A simple hand-held accessories, then in this link of application also need toothpaste sleeve assistance?
Building slate viscose
Role of toothpaste sleeve in seam sealing
Hand-held toothpaste sleeve is widely used in seam sealing. It plays an important role in assisting glass glue cartridge to produce glue. The top groove is connected with air pressure pipe and connected with air source. The glass glue cartridge is placed in the interior to drive the glue quantity to flow out through air pressure. The uniformly coated glass glue covering area has a good promoting effect on the quality of seam sealing. Precision control of glue quantity is also needed for the links on both sides of glaze. If subsequent removal of glass glue is needed, the adhesive strength should be weakened with acetone solution or related weakening agent to gradually remove the glass glue.
Ozone toothpaste sleeve
Mainstream types of toothpaste cartridges commonly used for seam sealing
Toothpaste sleeves are needed for seam sealing or plane bonding of many building materials, including Glass-Bonded materials. The seam sealing quality of other types of materials will be obtained by placing the rubber tube in the sleeve driven by air pressure and then bonding the bonding surface of the aligned glass. The bonding area is uniform and the strength meets the quality of Glass-Bonded materials at the same time. Upgrading, acetone is needed for the removal of the glass glue. If the conditions are insufficient, only the glass glue solidified part can be removed gradually with a knife blade to remove the glass glue.
Dimension details of Oz sleeve
Material seam seals of building boards, gypsum boards and box covers can be glued with ordinary rubber guns. The advantage of choosing toothpaste sleeve is that it can be connected with automation equipment to complete, and the efficiency and accuracy will be greatly improved.
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