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Help users understand how to remove glass glue

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At present, most building materials need to be coated with glass glue for flat bonding or seam sealing applications, such as the application of toothpaste sleeve control to bond wood, glass, building board joints, etc. Follow-up on the repair and removal of glass glue link most users do not know much about this, this will simply introduce the glass after coated with glass glue after high strength solidification and simple removal of glass. Glaze method.
Cylindrical glass glue
State Treatment after Glass Glue Coating
The special toothpaste sleeve is mainly used for auxiliary viscose glass glue. If the glass glue is not fully cured, it can be removed only by washing with clean water. Because most of the glue applied in the plane bonding is still in a low viscosity liquid state, the viscosity can be reduced and removed by washing with clean water. Especially when the glass is sticky, the material of the glass is smoother and more convenient. In the removal of glass glue, if the removal of cured glass glue is more complex, the glass glue cured at the inner end of the sticky glass needs to be washed and soaked with banana water to weaken the strength, in order to completely remove the bonding effect of the glass glue. This is a method of adhering to the material. If the glass glue is sticked on the hand, it can be removed only by rubbing each other a few times, it is used to coat glass glue and many other. Coping skills that need to be removed for plane fitting.
Transparent glass bonding
Bond strength check before application
Toothpaste sleeve is a kind of fittings which is sleeved on the outer end of glass glue. It is mainly used to control the amount of glass glue applied and to uniformly glue the bonding points. If the glass glue needs to be removed, it can be operated according to the above methods. If it is not for the material with high appearance demand such as glass glue, the cured glass glue can be scraped off with an artist's knife, which may cause scraping problems on the surface material. Before using the toothpaste sleeve, the adhesive strength and properties should be checked to avoid affecting the quality and integrity of the follow-up plane bonding.
60Z oz sleeve
The method of removing glass glue can be scraped by an artistic knife or removed by an appropriate solvent. How to operate the glass glue can be selected according to the actual needs of the operator.
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