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Reasons for Controlling Glass Glue Quality and Effectiveness

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Glass glue for building application material is mainly used for bonding and reinforcing. For example, glass glue can be extruded directly by hand glue gun. The reason why toothpaste sleeve is selected as an auxiliary part of glass glue is that it has particularity. Glass glue can be controlled continuously after glass glue is loaded, and it can be used in batch production on automation equipment. It can control the amount of glass glue by adjusting the pressure of glue discharge, and has a good effect on the two sides of glued glass in equal plane bonding.
Cylindrical glass glue
Help to improve the quality and efficiency of coatings
Choosing toothpaste sleeve can promote the stability and efficiency together. The back groove of the sleeve is used to connect the pneumatic conveyor pipe for supply-driven glue extraction. The anodized black aluminium alloy has a higher service life. It can be used for long time plane bonding work. It has good stability and anti-slip property after grinding treatment. The sealing ring in the sleeve can prevent leakage when coating glass glue. Adverse effects, the controller of automatic dispensing machine can directly adjust the dispensing pressure to control the amount of glass glue. The distribution of glass glue on the bonding surface is more uniform, which makes the quality and stability of the bonding production of two equal planes of glass glue prominent and effective.
Brief Introduction to the Function of Toothpaste Sleeve
Applicability of toothpaste sleeve
In fact, the pure black toothpaste sleeve can be used for manual operation and can also be connected to automation equipment. After manual operation, the air source can be connected to the controller's time and the setting of the gum pressure. After completion, the gum can be extruded with the gum button, and the gum can be bonded and strengthened after the gum is evenly coated on the alignment bonding surface. It is suitable to be used in many kinds of plane bonding links such as the two sides of the bonding glass. Use.
Ozone toothpaste sleeve
Medium-sized automation manufacturer can directly provide a variety of accessory parts which are easy to coat with glass glue. The accessory parts mainly consist of toothpaste sleeve have a good effect on improving efficiency and quality.
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