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On the Way and Direct Impact of Pressure Regulation of Rubbe

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Whether ordinary rubber cylinders or dispensing valves or even toothpaste sleeves are used to control the amount of spraying points, the size of the amount of glue is affected by the pressure of the air pressure, so whether it is plane bonding or sealing filling, it needs to adjust the pressure of the glue outlet. The sleeve control the amount of glue required by the glass glue coating is uniform and the distribution area is wide and comprehensive in order to make the user plane bonding, specially. The toothpaste sleeve for storing glass glue is connected to the controller for operation. This paper will briefly introduce the way and influence of adjusting the pressure of the glue outlet for the control of accuracy.
Dispenser controller dispenser
Regulating effect of controller on tapping pressure
Whether using dispensing valves or plastic syringes or even toothpaste sleeves for gluing, the controller is a device for regulating the pressure of gluing out. Taking the link of gluing glass as an example, the control requirements of gluing path and other aspects are stable, and the proper amount of glue is guaranteed. The amount of gluing glass will be controlled by adjusting the pressure of gluing out. The greater the pressure of gluing out, the greater the gluing amount. The more the amount of glue produced, the less the amount of glue produced. The glue can be extruded when the toothpaste sleeve is connected to the outlet of the controller. The air pressure can be set within a reasonable range. In order to ensure the quality of glued glass and other plane bonding and strengthening, the pressure required for glued glass needs to be adjusted before operation.
2121 precision dispensing valve
Stability Assistance of Dispenser Controller
Some dispenser controllers are equipped with backdraft function, which can be used to solve the effect of excessive pressure regulation, and can help the stability of toothpaste sleeve coated with glass glue to improve. If the pressure regulation is too high, the amount of glass glue coating will affect the bonding integrity. For example, the appearance of the glass links will be affected. After the backdraft pressure adjustment, excessive amount of glass glue will be absorbed, and the plane bonding of glass glue will be affected. The effect has been strengthened and improved.
Glue-beating ounce sleeve
In fact, some air compressors can also regulate the air pressure, which has a good effect on the stable control of the pressure required for plane fitting.
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