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Can 2600 ml pressure barrel meet the production needs?

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In dispensing industry, heating pressure barrel is widely used for its high capacity and stable heating function. 2600ml pressure barrel belongs to a kind of pressure barrel specifications which can be applied in a variety of suitable specifications. It can complete the production of glove dispensing or charger filling smoothly and steadily. In order to ensure the total production and quality, the application of feeding pressure barrel is indispensable. Therefore, 2600ML pressure barrel is loaded in the dispensing industry. The application stability of automatic dispensing equipment is strong. This article will discuss whether the 2600ML heating pressure barrel can meet most of the production needs.
Pressure barrel of 2600ML dispenser
2600 ml pressure barrel provides continuous and stable rubber volume
Firstly, the concept of 2600ML is briefly explained. The 2600ML specification can store 2.6L rubber or other types of liquid solvents at a single time. This specification is moderate and the price meets the psychological price of most users. Moreover, the 2600ML is not too large and occupies too much area on the operation plane to cause the inconvenience of rubber change or operation. It is suitable for various applications. The 2600ML pressure drum should be used in the production of 2600ML. It is representative of heating pressure barrel. The strength of compound is controlled by external heating package to keep it in a stable state. This is the reason why heating pressure barrel can ensure the non-stratification and uniformity of compound. After checking whether the pressure regulating valve and safety valve at the end of barrel cover leak or not and knowing how to adjust the pressure gauge, the 2600ML pressure barrel can be operated and used in gloves. Demand for dispensing glue or charging glue filling and other large and sustained production work.
Manual dispensing pressure barrel device
Simply understand how to adjust the pressure gauge
The problem of how to adjust the pressure gauge is explained here. There is a black rotating adjustable device on the left side of the pressure gauge. At first, it is embedded and fixed. After confirming that the pressure barrel has no leakage problem, it is pulled out so that it can be adjusted. After the air source is stabilized, the black knob is rotated to observe the change of the pressure reading. In this way, the rubber pressure is adjusted within a reasonable range. The same amount of glue can be transferred to the production of glove dispensing or charger filling with the influence of pressure. Therefore, the correct application of 2600ML pressure barrel is affected. This is the way to adjust the pressure gauge of the top cover of the dispensing pressure barrel. The heating function of the heating pressure barrel depends on the characteristics of the heating package.
Multi-specification dispensing pressure barrel
The 2600ML pressure barrel in the batch dispensing of gloves or filling of chargers can supply materials continuously for a long time and maintain a stable effect. The effect of execution and application is more demanded by users.
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