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Brief introduction of pressure drum automatic dispensing mac

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In fact, the pressure barrel automatic dispensing machine is equipped with dispensing equipment of special heating pressure barrel for dispensing glue. It has unique advantages in dispensing control in execution and application. Pressure barrel with heating function can satisfy the need of different industries to control glue application in industry production, such as glove dispensing or charger filling glue for a long time. The use effect is good in the dense production line with stable rubber supply. Connecting the pressure barrel connector with the air inlet of the gas source and the pressure barrel ensures the stable effect of the supply air pressure. The automatic dispensing machine with pressure barrel has an important role in promoting the continuity and efficiency of the production line.
Non-standard pressure drum automatic dispensing machine
Reasons for strong industry applicability
Intelligent pressure barrel automatic dispensing machine is remarkable in that it can store a lot of rubber materials and has different kinds. It can solve the problem of layering by heating the glue which may affect the strength. So it is also called heating pressure barrel. From the structure, heating pressure barrel is heated by an external silicone film heating package. The external silicone film heating package is bound to the barrel body, and electricity is used. After dynamic heating, the application quality and strength of glue are guaranteed. The automatic dispensing machine of pressure barrel with heating function can be used for a long time in constant temperature control heating and the glue is suitable for production line. It can satisfy the special fluid that needs to be controlled for continuous filling special hot melt glue or filling glue with charger for glove dispensing. The stability of air pressure should be checked before use. Fixed and pressure barrel and adapter whether there is leakage and other issues.
Pressure barrel device of dispensing machine
Sustainable completion of uninterrupted glue dispensing
Glove dispensing is mainly used in special hot melt glue, which can protect the hand after filling the hot melt glue into the interior. At the same time, it has some effect of slow friction and cushioning strike. So the pressure barrel automatic dispensing machine can be applied to this reason. Check the connection pressure stability of the heating pressure barrel and the start-up equipment cooperates with the pressure barrel after no leakage of the connecting head of the pressure barrel. To make the glove dispensing process stable and efficient, can reduce the glove dispensing rate of bad products and affect the value, including special colloids for charger glue filling.
Glue Filling for Power Charger
The automatic dispensing machine of pressure barrel with standard allocation is controlled by connecting the pressure barrel with the desktop dispensing machine, which can achieve continuous batch production. It has a good application effect for batch dispensing of gloves and filling of chargers.
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