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Understanding part of the flame retardant electronic yellow

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This article will give a brief overview of the properties of flame-retardant electronic yellow glue to help users better understand and apply to production work. As the name implies, it has good flame-retardant protection and insulation function. Therefore, this type of electronic yellow glue is mainly used in the insulation, sealing, fixing, filling and subsequent functions of various electronic appliances. It can be used for flow control by yellow glue dispensing valve, because it also has the function of Flame-retardant protection and insulation. The advantages such as high compatibility are also applied to the production of electronic yellow glue in other industries with good and stable reinforcing and stabilizing effect. In the application stage of horn yellow glue or glasses box yellow glue, the main role is to bond, and its good flame retardant effect can improve the application effect and service life of semi-finished products to a certain extent.
Flame Retardant Adhesive Electronic Yellow Gum
Understanding the technical properties of colloids
Flame retardant electronic yellow glue belongs to yellow viscous adhesive. Its temperature resistance up to 120 C indicates that it has a good effect of temperature resistance and stability, and has good electrical insulation. Generally, the storage of this glue is mainly controlled by yellow glue dispensing valve. Because its top fine-tuning device can adjust the amount of glue, it is suitable for the application of a variety of yellow glue. At present, it is mainly used for horn yellow glue and eyes. This kind of dispensing valve is mostly used in batch demand industries such as mirror box yellow glue coating. The flame retardant yellow glue has high viscosity, no wire drawing and no sagging. It can be used in vertical coating and other operations. Therefore, whether it is coated with electronic yellow glue or flame retardant electronic yellow glue, it is necessary to know the correct choice of operation.
Transparent Adhesive Yellow Gum
Simple adjustment for coating and bonding
Because of the particularity of the yellow glue itself, it is necessary to prepare glue type and equipment glue valve to meet different industry requirements. The glue can be coated by adjusting the glue material in a reasonable way. The glue can be coated by manual or automatic equipment operation. The glue can be initially cured 5-10 minutes after applying pressure by manual control of the yellow glue dispensing valve. The glue strength can be achieved after one hour. If automatic equipment is needed, the glue can be cured initially. The flame retardant electronic yellow glue or ordinary yellow glue is placed in the feeding trough to drive the outflow by applying pressure. The automation equipment is mainly suitable for the batch production of the demand for yellow glue coating on loudspeakers or glasses boxes. Some application links need to be heated, dried and activated for several minutes. The activation temperature is about 60 degrees Celsius. After adjustment, the effect of coating and bonding will be strengthened.
Large flow yellow glue dispensing valve
The storage life of the insulated flame retardant electronic yellow glue used for coating electronic yellow glue is about one year. After storage in a cool sealed place, a small amount of interventional use is carried out to check whether there is any problem and then large quantities of application are carried out.
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