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The dispensing needle is also called the dispensing needle tube. It needs to be calibrated beforehand when it is added to the glue valve or syringe to align the dispensing or dispensing. The purpose of calibration is to make the needle alignment higher and apply to dispensing or dispensing uniformly and stably, whether it is a straight plastic needle or a stainless steel dispensing needle or even special bending. The dispensing needle also needs to be calibrated. The calibrated coordinate position has a high alignment accuracy. The precision control effect of sealing or packaging boxes with PCB coating has been greatly improved.
Alignment Calibration of Plastic Steel Needle
Importance of calibration process
The needle calibration of visual dispensing machine only needs to be positioned by CCD vision system. This mode can be operated without fixing special fixtures. It is suitable for batch consistency of adhesive on electronic circuit board. This paper mainly explains the calibration method of desktop dispensing machine of conventional style. Usually the inner diameter of needle should be dispensing glue. About 1/2 of the point diameter, the dropping precision is stable and moderate under this effect. Because the needle will be slightly offset when repeated operation is affected by the stopping effect, this problem will occur when long-term implementation of packaging box sealing or circuit board coating and other industrial applications, so coordinate positioning is needed to achieve needle calibration and alignment. The effect of dispensing, otherwise the dispensing of dispensing needle tube will cause offset or spillover problems, and special types such as bending needle after setting the path will be affected by small fluctuations, so the necessity of re-calibration is low.
Bending plastic-steel dispensing needle
Calibration of Setting Coordinates
If it is found that the distance between the needle and the glue coating position is mainly affected by the stop displacement, the coordinate position of the needle should be calibrated by the control board. The Z-axis height and X-axis Y-axis position of the needle fixed point should be set and recorded. If the needle is used twice after the point is recorded, the calibration should be adjusted. The process does not need repeated execution, just need to adjust and position according to the fixed-point setting. Before needle calibration, needle or tube should be replaced according to the need. Whether the application of dripping glue or coating glue should be adjusted and executed according to this standard. The application quality such as packaging box sealing or circuit board coating glue for batch execution should be adjusted and executed according to this standard. Much depends on the accuracy of calibration.
Ground Visual Dispenser
Needle calibration should also check whether the needle is worn out due to long-term use of parts of the low glue accuracy, especially the need for precision gum dropping needle tube more often check whether the wear should cause the misalignment of gum dropping.
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