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Sealing of Pressure Barrel with Non-rusting Barrel Cover and

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The material of the non-rusting barrel cover is 304 anodized stainless steel, which plays a prominent role in anti-corrosion and other aspects. Therefore, the sealing cover of the filling pressure barrel is also a non-rusting barrel cover. It mainly plays a role in sealing and adding a variety of auxiliary parts to improve the stability and efficiency of the coating material, which can guarantee the rubber materials used in the industries of artificial board coating and reverse mirror coating. Stable supply enhances stability, so the role of this accessory in investment, use and adjustment control should not be neglected.
Pressure Barrel and Barrel Cover
About fitting loading of barrel cover
A ring of rubber sealing ring will be placed at the bottom of the barrel cover of the pressure barrel to avoid the influence of rubber leakage or pressure reduction stored in the barrel. The main structure is that three hole grooves can lock the whole barrel cover seal by three ring screw. Pressure regulating valves, discharge holes, exhaust valves and safety valves can be installed at the hole grooves of the stainless barrel cover to enhance the safety of the accessories. Some pressure barrels will be strengthened. Installing glue heating pack outside the barrel body is used to control the temperature of internal storage of glue in order to control the effect of flow bonding. These are the main fittings of the glue filling pressure barrel. Installation of fittings at the top of the non-rusting barrel lid and the overall configuration of the pressure barrel body will be an important embodiment of enhancing the stability efficiency of glue feeding. It can be used in the production of stable materials such as artificial board glue coating and backing mirror gluing. The importance of the barrel cover to the pressure barrel for glue filling was seen.
Pressure Barrel Assembly Fittings
Function of Barrel Cover Fittings
Some wood-based panels need to be glued on both sides to the middle bonding position after manufacture. This step is the glued links of wood-based panels. It is necessary to ensure that the larger planar wood-based panels are evenly coated with glued materials. Therefore, it is necessary to apply the pressure regulating valve of the non-rusting barrel cover to adjust the internal air supply pressure by knobs, such as excessive internal air pressure can be rotated. Exhaust pressure is properly released, and the glue outlet is used for adding glue, that is, the medium and low viscosity fluid used in the glue coating of wood-based panels and reversing mirrors is extruded through the top of the glue outlet, while the function of safety valve is to quickly relieve pressure. This is the function of fitting the non-rusting barrel cover, which has a strong effect on improving the stability of the glue coating of wood-based panels, and also plays an equally important role in the glue coating of reversing mirrors. If the temperature of glue needs to be adjusted, the glue heating package should be added to the barrel body to adjust.
Adhesive Coating of Wood-based Panels
For a long time, the size of the glue viscosity is one of the factors that affect the change of the glue supply mode of pressure barrel. If the liquid with medium and low viscosity is stored, the glue will be discharged from the top of the outlet of the non-rusting barrel cover, while the high-viscosity fluid will be supplied by the glue discharge mode at the bottom, and the way to control the flow can be carried out through the glue heating package.
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