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The relevant knowledge of American Pneumatic dispensing syri

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When any dispensing equipment is in use, it is necessary to have a preliminary understanding of its related knowledge, for example, the material used in the American dispensing syringe, the size of the dispensing syringe and the structure of the dispensing fittings inside. So, from the small system to the users of the common knowledge of the American style pneumatic dot glue needle tube.
Pneumatic stainless steel dot glue pin
We usually say the American Pneumatic dispensing needle cylinder is mainly produced from America EFD tube dispensing, dispensing glue is mainly used in the production of HDPP plastic is inert, this material has strong resistance, the American point needle cylinder under ultra high pressure time, no crack, and the inert plastic HDPP have strong ability to resist the environment, makes the needle external environment how bad can maintain normal operation. This kind of pin barrel can be used normally, and it is safe and environmental, and can save the cost of production and improve the quality of the glue.
The pneumatic precision dispensing barrel is a general pneumatic pneumatic dot glue pin. Its size range is within a certain range, mainly between 3ml and 300ml. If you need a larger dispensing syringe, which is also large as 500ml and 950ml, this dispensing syringe is not suitable for most pneumatic dispensers because of its large size.
In addition to the above conventional knowledge, the pneumatic high pressure dispenser barrel is also designed in different forms with other pneumatic pins. For example: the inner part of the needle cylinder it's not designed to tilt, the needle tube can be directly glue glue, it can not only let the glue in glue dispensing and set consistent, can reduce the residual liquid dispensing needle cylinder, so that the rubber speed is relatively stable. It has a double spiral tooth structure designed to allow a close link between the front end of the syringe needle and the dot glue needle.
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