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Recommended standard injection dispensing needle for seam se

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The seam seals described in this lecture are small-sized aluminium materials, which need to be evenly coated with appropriate amount of glue at the seam position to achieve the purpose of bonding and sealing. The seam seals of aluminium materials need to be supported by relevant accessories. The screw injection needle belongs to one of the injection parts of the standard allotment. It needs to be added for a long time to check the residual glue of the clean needle in time. Or replacement, injection can be controlled by adding to the position of dispensing needle barrel or dispensing valve, and special injection needle seat can help to coat the sealant continuously at the position of the alignment joint. With the characteristics of uniform and stable use and good effect, it has become a good tool for seam selection, so it can play a role in the demand of sealant for aluminium sealant or adhesive for plastic shell of air conditioning. The effect of glue injection is outstanding.
Small Aluminum Joints
The applicability of slit injection is strong
The common problem in this link is that the rubber can not be completely covered to the seam position for sealing and strengthening, which is closely related to the inappropriate selection of fittings. Therefore, the selection of fittings suitable for seam sealing highlights the importance, so the lifting point will be chosen. The glue valve and screw injection needle are uniformly glued to the seam position, and become the standard fitting for seam sealing of aluminium material by good glue injection and coating effect. The promoting effect of the glue injection needle seat can not be neglected. The effect of seam sealing of aluminium material meets the requirement of integrity and efficiency of production index, so it is also suitable for empty seam. Modified shell viscose and other requirements.
Standard screw injection needle
Functional effect of filling for injection is good
Usually, the exclusive silicone weatherproof sealant is chosen for sealant sealant of aluminium seam, and the difference between the screw injection needle and the standard dispensing needle is almost the same for most sealant injection coating. After setting the path parameters, the dispensing valve will move to the sealant position where the glue needs to be coated, and the glue will flow out of the injection needle in the opposite direction for seam tightness. Sealing, while the top of the screw design is easier to better fix in the dispensing syringe or dispensing valve for a long time for injection feeding, easy to complete such needs as aluminum seam sealing or air conditioning plastic shell glue, it is worth mentioning that the operator selection of screw injection needle and injection needle seat should meet the application needs, the operator completed. Clean the residual glue of needle after gluing of seam seals for stable glue supply for secondary use.
PVC Sealant Filling
Because of the large demand for seam seals of aluminium materials, it is necessary for operators to check the application status of needles, avoid the slow flow of blocking glue, and consider whether needle glue should be discarded or cleaned for easy use.
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