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How to improve the market position of the domestic glue valv

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In the international market of dispensing valves, enterprises with large influence are mainly concentrated in the United States, Japan and other places. And the position of the Chinese glue valve brand can not be compared with them, the gap is too big. So what can we do to improve the brand status of the glue valve in our country?
Back suction automatic dispensing valve
If we want to improve the position of the glue valve in our country, it is necessary to improve the quality of the dispensing valve. Because the market competition of the glue dispenser in China is very fierce now, it also makes the market environment of the glue dispensing parts is also worse. This market situation, the technology of dispensing valve in various enterprises is more common, so most of them are dominated by price war, so the profit space has dropped sharply, which also makes the quality of dispensing valve drop. Therefore, it is imminent to improve the quality of the dispensing valve and accelerate the research on the advanced glue technology.
Return suction precision dispensing valve
However, most of the scale of dispensing enterprises in China now belong to small and medium-sized enterprises. A small number of dispensing enterprises have large scale of dispensing, so few enterprises will independently research and develop dispensing machine and dispensing valve technology. So it is necessary to carry out research cooperation with other enterprises financing, or to get the support of the government, so as to carry out large-scale dispensing machine research and development, manufacturing of advanced dispensing technology dispensing equipment and dispensing accessories, such as: to research and improve the back suction precision dispensing valve. Then it will be promoted to the market of glue, so as to improve the influence of the brand of the glue valve in the world market.
Back suction high speed glue valve
This can also improve the competition environment of the glue Market in our country, improve the quality of the manufacturing quality of the glue dispensing accessories, and finally realize the virtuous production cycle.
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