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Deficiencies of current universal pneumatic dispensing valve

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The common driving devices for dispensing machines are electrical devices and pneumatic devices. The number of dispensing machines equipped with pneumatic devices is more than that of electronic devices. Pneumatic dispensing valves are relatively simple and inexpensive, so they are often used. This type of rubber valve features more in line with the use of more production lines.
Pneumatic dispensing valve is simpler than electric dispensing valve. It can control the switching speed of the valve by pneumatic pressure to achieve the purpose of glue drive. Because the switching speed of the valve can not be arbitrarily controlled, it is easy to appear under long-term operation and affect the mechanical operation. When the pneumatic valve is running, gas buffer should be used to avoid long-term work. If the pneumatic valve has to overcome the above shortcomings, it needs to strengthen the gas source to provide stability. Gas sources need to ensure purity and stability. Improve the feeding performance of rubber valves.
Pneumatic backdraft dispensing valve
Deficiencies of pneumatic dispensing valve
1. Curing too fast
Air supply of pneumatic valve of dispensing machine is not the main problem. When air is in dispensing syringe, the heating of glue may lead to the decrease of glue viscosity, which will affect the normal operation of pneumatic dispensing valve. Fast solidification of glue will lead to poor fluidity and improper dispensing.
31 compound dispensing valve
2. Improper position of glue coating
The position of dispensing is often not aligned, which is also the main disadvantage of pneumatic dispensing valve. Because of the problem of pneumatic driving, component dispensing is not allowed to drop parts or glue when bonding parts. Therefore, pneumatic valve is required to be more accurate in high-precision production line.
Large flow silicone coated dispensing valve
Other drawbacks mentioned above are that pneumatic drive will cause curing to affect use too quickly, and will also cause the dispensing machine to be unable to adjust, and the air will be forced to be controlled by pneumatic drive pulses on the plunger. Side entry into the material leads to the formation of rubber foam, which is the problem of the work of the pneumatic dispensing valve.
Why is the production mainly based on pneumatic dispensing valves? The demand for high-precision dispensing is piezoelectric. From the perspective of the industry market, the price of electric dispensing valve is about 100 times that of pneumatic valve, which far exceeds the bottom line of most users'price. If the dispensing accuracy is not too high, users can choose pneumatic dispensing valve to meet the production work.
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