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Reasons for Selection of Back-draft Dispenser Valve in Dispe

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Reciprocating dispensing machine plays a very important role in the production of this industry. It can help users to complete automatic dispensing of various types of products. It is equipped with a unique backdraft valve to enhance the control effect of glue and help to absorb glue back. The appearance of the dispensing machine solves the problem of poor production, such as dripping and stretching.
Red Micrometer Coated Spotting Valve
Control glue property of backdraft valve
Recycling dispensing valve is an important part of dispensing work for the backdraft dispensing machine. The wire drawing leakage during the automatic dispensing process can be effectively solved by the automatic backdraft function. Adhesive problems such as glue, sealing ring corrosion resistance, can withstand the use of corrosive glue, with small size, light weight, easy to use, disassembly and cleaning process is simple, to meet the needs of various glue. When the production line is in operation, the outlet supports the connection of various dispensing needles. The application of long-time dispensing has smaller clearance precision. It is suitable for dispensing of various fluids. It can adjust the flow of glue and the time of glue. The dispensing needs to use the suction valve to control the glue.
Double-cylinder compound dispensing valve
The suction dispensing valve made of aluminium alloy can be used for automatic dispensing for a long time, and the double-acting cylinder can be used to improve the quality and efficiency of product dispensing. The size of the entrance is 1/8. It is suitable for dispensing fluid without particles and speeding up the speed.
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