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What is a metering valve? What is the control effect on the

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Volume measurement technology has a very high controllability for glue outflow. It has a great impact on the packaging of some small parts (electronics) industry. The control function of measurement valve can not be ignored. This is an embodiment of glue coating. The metering and dispensing technology meets the production requirements, so the metering valve is a device developed and manufactured for industrial control of rubber volume. It enjoys a good reputation in the market.
Double-acting metering dispensing valve
Necessity of selecting metering valve
From the dispensing ability, we can see the value of dispensing machine. The metering dispensing technology can control the amount of glue more effectively, and the metering valve is a unique advantage. The selection of common dispensing valve is not enough to meet more industrial production in the control accuracy of glue coating. Therefore, it is very important to select metering and distribution equipment with metering valve.
Double liquid controlled metering valve
Metrological dispensing machine is a widely used dispensing equipment. It is equipped with a metering valve to increase the stability of the glue volume. The metering valve is suitable for all types of glue and its application value. The use of pump body conveyor and filling machine also supports the use of metering valves to enhance glue control, from which we can understand the importance of metering valves for production work.
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